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CCR Sweden, Newsletter June 2022

Bengt Malmgren

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Pentecost of the Movements with Cardinal Anders Arborelius, Prayergroups in Stockholm, CHARIS Integral Formation Program, Local contact persons for CCR are wanted, Investment in Life in the Spirit seminars this autumn? Ulf Ekman's new book on sharing the faith is the basis for education in evangelization in the diocese this autumn,  Evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit.

CCR Sweden Newsletter May 2022

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The Synodal Process, answer from Charismatic Renewal to Stockholm Catholic Diocese, Pentecost with the Movements and Cardinal Anders Arborelius in the Catholic Cathedral May 31 at 6:30 p.m., CHARIS Integral Formation Program, Pentecostal Novena Friday after Ascension Day to Pentecost.