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Bengt MalmgrenRapport om karismatisk förnyelse i de nordiska länderna sammanställd av Bengt Malmgren september 2021 (engelska)


    CCR Sweden. Newsletter March 2023

    edited by Bengt Malmgren

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    In this letter: CHARIS Europe info-letter, Retreat in Järfälla with Terry Quinn, Francis' 10 years as Pope, his importance for the Charismatic Renewal. Pentecost of the movements and meeting with Cardinal Anders Arborelius in May. New contact-persons in Luleå and Nacka. CHARIS Integral Formation Program

    Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Sweden. Newsletter January 2023

    from Bengt Malmgren

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    In this letter:  Charismatic renewal an integral part of the full life of the Church. Pope Francis' intention with CHARIS. Benedict XVI on the life in the Holy Spirit. CHARIS in the Nordic countries -  so far we have come today. As a single member of a local congregation and calling for a more vibrant charismatic community, what can you do? Ecumenical Week of Prayer.