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CHARIS in the Nordic Countries
Bengt Malmgren
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CHARIS in the Nordic Countries

A Nordic CHARIS community for the countries within the Nordic Bishops' Conference has been created.  Invitation to join.

A Nordic CHARIS community for the countries within the Nordic Bishops' Conference has been created.  A web page has been set up by Ludwig Gelot: []. Work is currently underway to map all prayer groups and communities that want to participate in the new community and a letter with an attached leaflet/poster has gone out to all Catholic vicars in the Nordic countries with the desire to spread the information in the parishes.




Letter to the vicars:



We are contacting you with the blessing of Msgr Andrés Bernar (assistant bishop for evangelization in Stockholm) regarding the newly established CHARIS Service of Communion for Scandinavia.

The Charismatic Renewal is a current of grace that has spread throughout the Church since the 1960s. It has numerous expressions and realities ranging from prayer groups and communities to ministries and social work. In 2017 Pope Francis established CHARIS (Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service), through the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life. CHARIS is led by a moderator, assisted by an International Service of Communion. CHARIS statutes provide for the creation of the Continental and National Service of Communion for each continent and each country.

The goal of the National Service of Communion that has recently been established for the Nordic Bishops’ Conference is to build and strengthen the wide and diverse family of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It should therefore be as inclusive as possible and open to new and emerging realities. The focus is on communion rather than government or structure. You can find more information on our website:

The National Services of Communion should consist of representatives from realities and expressions of the current of grace who identify themselves as a part of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and who are seeking to build communion within the wide and diverse family of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. This may include prayer groups, communities, networks, schools of evangelisation, religious institutes, publishing houses, particular ministries, ecumenical initiatives, youth etc.

We are currently working to connect and strengthen relations between the prayer groups, communities and individuals who wish to be part of the CHARIS Service of Communion in Nordic countries. We wish to establish a mailing list to spread information and organise joint activities.

We would like to know if you could help us by sharing this information with all groups and individuals who could be interested in your parish. Could you please announce this widely and send us the contact details of interested persons? We would be grateful if you could print the poster and put it up for information in your church?

We thank you for your support.



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