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Charismatic prayer evening in St. Ansgar, Södertälje 1 December
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Charismatic prayer evening in St. Ansgar, Södertälje 1 December

About 50 Catholics from the Stockholm region were gathered in St. Ansgar's parish in Södertälje on December 1 for an evening of praise, worship and intercession that the charismatic community invited to. The host was St. Ansgar's parish and Firas Daykh from the Syrian Catholic parish. Deacon Pancho Chin A Loi from Järfälla preached.

In his sermon, Deacon Pancho addressed the baptism in the Spirit and the spiritual gifts of grace that are for all Catholics to recieve and pray for. He mentioned the basic constitution of the Second Vatican Council on the Church, Lumen gentium p.12, which clearly states this.

We can do nothing of our own accord to help the Church in her deep crisis other than repent and pray. But in the power of the Holy Ghost we can work, therefore we should seek the baptism of the Spirit and the spiritual gifts of grace. Those who have authority in the Church should encourage believers to do so and should not extinguish the Spirit. The gifts are not for ourselves, but for the church and its structure.

The basis for receiving the gifts is repentance to Christ and purification. This is something that applies to us both as individuals and as a collective. We Catholics are a people, and without purification and repentance we cannot effectively testify of Christ. Especially now during Advent, which is a time for healing, we should consider this, said Deacon Pancho.

We walk in the dark but we are on our way to the Light. The prophet Isaiah wrote, "The people that walk in darkness shall see a great light." In order not to get lost, prayer is necessary. Prayer brings us back to God. Pray every day! The prayer "Come Lord Jesus" is a simple prayer we can repeat in our daily lives.

To receive the gifts, we must be wholehearted. Our enthusiasm must not cool down. Too much is at stake. We can not afford to be mediocre. Give yourself completely to the Lord. To apply the gifts, Love is fundamental. Without love, gifts do not work, Deacon Pancho said at last.

The sermon was followed by praise and worship, and the service ended with people receiving personal intercession. Many wanted intercession for healing, but also to receive the baptism and liberation of the Spirit to be able to work in the gifts of grace the Lord has given us.

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