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Warsaw 2015 AV-material


Links to all the Warsaw materials together

Français et English

European CCR-conference, October 2015 in Warsaw

written text, as published in EUCCRIL, audio and pictures


Before the conference
Announcement EUCCRIL 273 + EUCCRIL 273fr, EUCCRIL 276 + EUCCRIL 276fr
More news EUCCRIL 277 + EUCCRIL 277fr
Topics of workshops in Warsaw EUCCRIL 278 (complete text on workshops)
Les thèmes des ateliers de Varsovie EUCCRIL 278fr (des ateliers tous)
English schedule of the programme Francais program

Thursday 1rst October
Audio homily Bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski
Audio opening Christof Hemberger & Darek Jeziorny

Friday 2nd October
Audio Dr Mary Healy They were all filled with the Holy Spirit
Audio Dr Mary Healy Growing in charisms for a new evangelisation
Text english Dr Mary Healy Teaching St Paul on charisms EUCCRIL 285
Text français Dr Mary Healy L'enseignement de Paul sur les charismes EUCCRIL 285fr
Audio homily Archbishop Jozef Gorzynski
Audio Mgr M. Delgado Galindo Pope Francis about charismatic renewal
Text english Mgr M. Delgado Pope Francis about charismatic renewal EUCCRIL 284 (full text)
Text français Mgr M. Delgado Le pape François a renouveau charismatique EUCCRIL 284fr (tous)

Saturday 3nd October
Audio Dr Johannes Hartl Europe God's mission field
Audio testimonies from Malta and Slovakia
Text english testimony Malta Spiritual motherhood for priests EUCCRIL 281
Text français Maternite spirituelle pour les prêtres EUCCRIL 281fr
Text english testimony Slovakia Pavol Strežo In our society, repentance changes things EUCCRIL 282
Text français Pavol Strežo Notre société-La repentance change les choses EUCCRIL 282fr
Text english Fr. Sławomir Płusa Growing in the charismatic ministry EUCCRIL 292
Text français Fr. Sławomir Płusa EUCCRIL 292fr
Text english Elections in Warsaw for European subcommittee EUCCRIL 279
Text français Election à Varsovie membres de l'ESCI EUCCRIL 279fr
Audio homily Archbishop Kevin McDonald
Audio ministry time

Sunday 4nd October
Audio homily father Wilfried Brieven
Audio Michelle Moran Hope for Europe

After the conference
Text english Report of the whole conference by Christof Hemberger EUCCRIL 280
Text français Rapport conférence par Christof Hemberger EUCCRIL 280fr