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European Catholic Charismatic Renewal Info Letter

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EUCCRIL 319 Historical Overview 1983 – 2019 of the meetings of the Catholic Charismatic National Service Committees (NSC’s)and National Contacts in Europe.2019-06-042019-06-041051
EUCCRIL 318Eastern European consultation, May 23rd till 25th, 2019 in Lithuania on Jew and Gentile’s.2019-05-242019-05-241080
EUCCRIL 317Report from European Catholic Charismatic Renewal-Leaders’ Summit in Germany.2019-05-242019-05-241096
EUCCRIL 316A big prayer campaign of CHARIS in March, April, May up to Pentecost. With strong input from Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Ecclesiastical Assistant to CHARIS.2019-03-132019-03-131159
EUCCRIL 315Follow from February 11th on with lifestream a conference from the region where the Renewal was started.2019-02-022019-02-021255
EUCCRIL 314From Hungary the recently re-elected chairman gives us an update on the renewal in his country. The Catholic charismatic realities are cooperating well and recently two priests who are involved in the renewal were ordained as Bishop.2019-02-222019-02-221180
EUCCRIL 313 The Vatican has appointed the first CHARIS’ Moderator, its Ecclesiastical Assistant and the eighteen members of its International Service of Communion, for a first mandate of three years. To serve all expressions of the current of grace that is Catholic 2018-11-292018-11-231275
EUCCRIL 312 Report of the ICCRS Intercession Training Course in Fulda2018-11-232018-11-231265
EUCCRIL 311Prophetic Intercession Course in Belgium and Germany From 11 till 16th of November 2018 an ICCRS-Intercession-Course (ITC) will be held in Vaalbeek, Belgium. This ITC just took place in Fulda in English and German (See the report in EUCCRIL 312). 2018-10-222018-10-221300
EUCCRIL 310Charles Whitehead on prophetic gifts2018-06-232018-06-231612
EUCCRIL 309Andrea Pesare attended as representative of Catholic Charismatic Renewal the presynodal meeting of youth held in Rome in March 2018. 2018-06-062018-06-061423
EUCCRIL 308About new statutes. Pope Francis has decided the international Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) will get a new recognition and new statutes next years.2018-05-062018-05-061739
EUCCRIL 307A report of the Prophetic Consultation, Assisi March 2018. By Christof Hemberger 2018-04-232018-04-231477
EUCCRIL 306First ICCRS Intercession Training Course in Europe, 2018 in Germany.2017-09-272017-09-271848
EUCCRIL 305Father Peter Hocken, who was many times an appreciated speaker at our European meetings, passed away on the 10th of June 2017. He was also member of the doctrinal commission of ICCR2017-09-272017-07-052098
EUCCRIL 304A report from Pittsburgh, February 17th-18th 2017, where 120 pioneers and international leaders of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) met at the place where CCR began in 1967.2017-03-112017-02-272071
EUCCRIL 303Lifestream connection with “The Ark and the Dove” in Pittsburgh 2017-02-162017-02-162096
EUCCRIL 302Final reminder to pray on February 18th, 2017. Establishing of a huge cross in front of the house where the Duquesne-weekend took place in 1967. 2017-02-162017-02-162149
EUCCRIL 301A call and reminder to pray on February 18th, 2017.2017-01-122017-01-122109
EUCCRIL 300A presentation of two very important church documents on charisms that appeared this year. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published 'Iuvenescit Ecclesia'. Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity published 'Do not quench the Spirit2016-12-052016-12-052681
EUCCRIL 299Next February 18th it is fifty year ago Catholic charismatic renewal started. The ICCRS Youth Commission invite all of you to come to Lord on that day.2016-11-222016-11-222179
EUCCRIL 298Update about the Golden Jubilee for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, May 31 - June 4th 2017 in Rome.2016-09-302016-09-302488
EUCCRIL 297ICCRS will organise a special programme during World Youth Day in Kraków, an International Praise & Worship Festival.2016-09-302016-09-302044
EUCCRIL 296An update about our website
EUCCRIL 295Catholic Charismatic renewal (CCR) is very much a life in many corners of Europe. The Spirit is moving and always doing new things. Below a report of our correspondent in Bosnia and Herzegovina.2016-09-302016-09-302032
EUCCRIL 294How can we read the Scriptures? The Holy Spirit will give us a disciple’s ear if we are ready to listen. A summary of the workshop given by Don Schwager in the European Catholic charismatic conference in Warsaw, October 2015, on listening to the Word of G2016-09-302016-04-032289
EUCCRIL 293Europe needs strong and trained leaders, who want to grow in knowledge and experience in the area of leadership, ministry and Catholic charismatic renewal identity. Help us to promote our leadership training.2016-04-032016-04-032246
EuCCRIL 292Growing in the charismatic ministry Fr. Sławomir Płusa. This is what the charismatic ministry is for: to open the human heart to encounter Christ as Savior. Teaching in a workshop during the Warsaw 2015 conference2016-03-132016-03-132187
EUCCRIL 291There are a lot of initiatives to found houses of prayer in Europe. Now a CCR- booklet is available about the pastoral issues a leadership-team needs to oversee when a house of prayer is founded in its region.2016-04-032016-04-032217
EUCCRIL 290Polish/English CCR Leadership Training Course in Poland, open for registrants from all over the world.2016-04-032016-04-032203
EUCCRIL 289Invitation to RELaY-Conference, 4th-8th of May in Kaunas, Lithuania2016-04-032016-04-032170
EUCCRIL 288New bank account for ICCRS! Transferring money to this new account is much easier for Europeans.2016-04-032016-04-032258
EUCCRIL 287More news on Together for Europe . The novena is to download and a discount for all participants coming from Eastern or Central Europe.2016-01-162016-01-162385
EUCCRIL 286ICCRS is part of Together for Europe and involved in the conference and rally in Munich next June . It will create a public sign of unity among the various Christian realities in Europe . Our chair invites all CCR in Europe to come 2016-01-192015-12-162236
EUCCRIL 285What are charisms? An extensive teaching in ten points by Mary Healy (apart of her speech in our European conference in Warsaw, October 2015).2015-12-162015-12-162391
EUCCRIL 284The nowadays teaching of the Catholic Church on charismatic renewal as it was presented in Warsaw on 2 October 2015 by the official representative of the Vatican.2015-12-052015-12-052279
EUCCRIL 283'Come to me', an initiative that was born among the young leaders who attended the ICCRS-prophetic consultation in Bethlehem, November 2013. ICCRS invites especially youth and young people to join in a prayer-event that will take place at the 'birthday' o2015-11-282015-11-282303
EUCCRIL 282A powerful testimony from Pavol Strežo in Slovakia on reconciliation in society by repentance, given in the European Catholic charismatic conference in Warsaw, last October.2015-11-282015-11-282266
EUCCRIL 281This very inspiring testimony we have heard in the European Catholic charismatic conference in Warsaw, last October. Women, who were praying for priests for many years, took the step to organise a Life in the Spirit seminar for priest. With very encouragi2015-11-282015-11-282349
EUCCRIL 280A report on our open European Catholic charismatic conference in Warsaw by Christof Hemberger, chairman of the European subcommittee of ICCRS2015-11-212015-11-212222
EUCCRIL 279All leaders of the national service committees (NSCs) in Europe have been invited to elect new members for the European Subcommittee of ICCRS (ESCI) on 3rd of October 2015.2015-10-192015-10-192461
EUCCRIL 278What are topics in the European Catholic charismatic renewal today? The overview of workshops in our conference in Warsaw, 1 to 4 October, gives an impression of it.2015-09-172015-09-172508
EUCCRIL 277More news on WARSAW-conference2015-05-162015-05-162469
EUCCRIL 276Pressrelease WARSAW-conference2015-02-032015-02-032717
EUCCRIL 275Worldwide Priests retreat with pope Francis June20142015-02-032015-02-032800
EUCCRIL 274Come to Me 2015. An invitation to all young people from Eva Sido, who represents the young people in our European sub-committee. Eva is member of the worldwide ICCRS Youth committee. 2014-12-302014-12-302606
EUCCRIL 273European CCR conference Warsaw 20152014-12-302014-12-302663
EUCCRIL 272EUROPEAN RECONCILIATION CONFERENCE BUDAPEST organized by the European subcommittee of ICCRS and led by the committee members Laszlo Gorove (Hungary), Katerina Lachmanova (Czech republic), father Wojciech Nowacki (Poland) and Eva Sido (Hungary). Main speak2014-09-212014-09-212807
EUCCRIL 271Report Uganda Gathering ICCRS july20142014-07-142014-07-142686
EUCCRIL 270A report from Eva Eberlein-Sido, our Youth Representative in the European Sub-committee of ICCRS, on a worldwide youth prayer-initiative that was born in Bethlehem last November and took place on the 31st of May.2014-06-162014-06-162849
EUCCRIL 269Speech of Pope Francis to the Charismatic Renewal at the Olympic stadium, Rome June 1st, 2014 2014-06-162014-06-082614
EUCCRIL 268Worldwide Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Family in Uganda, 30th June to 6th July, 2014. Even if you are not going, please keep this event in your prayers since we are all united as CCR all over the world!2014-05-292014-05-290
EUCCRIL 267The Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) in France includes many groups, communities and initiatives; and a strong connection with the episcopate.2014-05-042014-05-042913
EUCCRIL 266Full text of a talk given by Michelle Moran, President of ICCRS to a European leaders gathering for the regions of North and West Europe, on 29th March 2014 in Brentwood, England. Including a historical overview of the development CCR and the nowadays cha2014-05-042014-05-042741
EUCCRIL 265Europe today - Archbishop Kevin McDonald2014-04-022014-04-022798
EUCCRIL 263160 key leaders from 43 countries gathered in Bethlehem 14th-18th Nov 2013 to hear from the Lord at this strategic time in the history of CCR as we journey towards the golden jubilee in 20172014-01-212013-12-202801
EUCCRIL 262What has Uganda to offer to Europe, and what can Europe offer to Uganda? Mail from fr. Michael Hurley in Ireland. Cell-groups2013-11-062013-11-062906
EUCCRIL 261Great CCR Gathering in Uganda 20142013-09-112013-09-112979
EUCCRIL 260RELaY-conference in Malta, February 19th- 23rd, 2014. The theme is: Church Quo Vadis?2013-08-302013-08-303000
EUCCRIL 259A report by Pierre Chieux on the International Ecumenical Conference "Baptism in the Holy Spirit", from 7 to 10 March 2013 in Switzerland.2013-06-062013-06-062760
EUCCRIL 258News from Bosnia and Herzegovina.2013-06-062013-04-262982
EUCCRIL 257A report by Kees Slijkerman on the international ecumenical congress 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit', March 7th-10th 2013 in Switzerland.2013-04-202013-04-203098
EUCCRIL 256News from Transylvania, the Hungarian speaking part of Romania.2013-04-202013-04-203020
EUCCRIL 255Peter Hocken on Cardinal Bergoglio2013-03-252013-03-252909
EUCCRIL 254Pope Francis, renewal, evangelisation and ecumenism2013-03-252013-03-253047
EUCCRIL 253On the new book 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit' written by the Doctrinal Commission of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services.2012-12-162012-12-163261
EUCCRIL 252A report of The Joshua Camp, evangelistic outreaches at the Olympic Games 2012 in London2013-04-202012-10-163086
EUCCRIL 251A report of the first World-Youth-Conference of ICCRS. 4.500 young people from all over the world met from the 10th till the 15th of July 2012 in Foz do Iguazu, Brasil, for the first World-Youth-Conference held by ICCRS. A report by Christof Hemberger fr2012-08-182012-08-180
EUCCRIL 250 News from Finland Among the very few Roman-Catholics in Finland (only 7000 was the number, published by the Vatican in 2000), the charismatic renewal is very alive. A report from our head-contact Lina Joannou-Jyränki.2012-08-212012-08-173091
EUCCRIL 249New Chairman European Subcommittee2013-06-242013-06-243134
EUCCRIL 248The Holy Father appointed a 3rd man from CCR as consultor in the Pontifical Council for the promotion of the New Evangelisation. And: CCR in Italy celebrates 40th anniversary with Pope Benedict, May 26th. Fr. Francis A. Sullivan S.J. on the beginnings of 2012-08-212012-08-213344
EUCCRIL 247 Peter HockenMgr. dr. Peter Hocken from Vienna was invited to address the European Meeting of national representatives, Germany, November 2011. The general theme was: 'Living the grace of Charismatic Renewal'. Fr. Hocken was asked to speak about 'What we are experienc2012-08-212012-08-213515
EUCCRIL 246In this issue: New members in the European sub-committee of ICCRS. And the picture of CCR in Europe today.2012-08-212012-02-143205
EUCCRIL 245ICCRS hopes to see a very good participation of Europeans in Brazil, to receive inspiration from all over the earth and to inspire the whole world.2013-04-202012-01-243101
EUCCRIL 244 - CCR in Europe todayLast November we were with about 50 national representatives from whole Europe together in Heiligenbrunn, near a small village in Southern Germany. A report from Darek, chairman of the European sub-committee of ICCRS.2012-01-242011-12-213065
EUCCRIL 243ICCRS presidents address in the European Meeting of national representatives, Germany, November 2011 2013-04-202011-12-203171
EUCCRIL 242CCR in French-speaking Belgium. A report by Gildo and Fabienne Gorza, who work for the Grace of Charismatic Renewal. The "Together for Europe" gathering in Brussels on 12 May 20122013-04-202011-12-293167
EUCCRIL 241Update CCR in south Romania2013-04-202011-11-072911
EUCCRIL 240 Update CCR in Transylvania2018-11-232011-11-071138
EUCCRIL 239 CCR in WYD Madrid 20112018-11-232011-11-071085
EUCCRIL 238Uppdated Life in the Spirit Seminar Germany2018-11-232011-09-22987
EUCCRIL 237 Update CCR in Sweden2013-04-202011-11-073129
EUCCRIL 236 - CCR Germany MittendrinIn this issue: 'Crossing the Jordan!' was the theme of the national conference of the German Catholic Charismatic Renewal, for which about 1400 people gathered in the vicinity of the city of Fulda from June 2nd to 5th, 2011. A report from Dagmar Ludwig.2011-09-222011-08-190
EUCCRIL 233Colloquium ICCRS on baptism in the Spirit March112013-04-202011-04-143640
EUCCRIL 232European youthconference Romania2016-02-112011-03-122269
EUCCRIL 231Sweden, Nordic Charismatic conference Oct 28-31. Listen to Cardinal Suenens2013-04-202010-10-110
EUCCRIL 230A report from Dariusz Jeziorny on an international school of inner healing and deliverance prayer in Poland2013-04-202010-09-083305
EUCCRIL 229 - Reconciliation between Hungarians 2010-07-022010-07-020
EUCCRIL 228 - Assisi-May2010, Iccrs-ROAD TO PENTECOST 2010-06-132010-06-130
EUCCRIL 227 German counsellingministry+Youthevent Brasil 20122013-04-202010-06-130
EUCCRIL 226 ENC and ICCRS 2009-12-162009-12-160
EUCCRIL 225 ICCRS intercession event Assisi may 2010ICCRS announces the event “The Road to Pentecost”, that will be held in May 19-23, 2010 in Assisi. It will be a 4-days event focused on Intercession and will include the celebration of Pentecost on May 23rd. 2009-12-162009-12-160
EUCCRIL 223 Report on European ICCRS-meeting in Budapest 2009-12-012009-12-010
Euccril 221 - fr. Baumert in the Netherlandsn charisma and baptism in the spirit2009-09-282009-09-280
EUCCRIL 220 Report LOVE IN ACTION Korea N.K..doc 2009-12-012009-12-010
EUCCRIL 218 - Road to Pentecost booklet 2009-12-162009-04-101
EUCCRIL 217 - German novenabooklet based on the Life in the Spirit seminar 2009-12-162009-04-101
EUCCRIL 214 - Michelle Moran in the Synod of Bishops 2009-12-162008-11-154229
EUCCRIL 212 - Report CCR-event on WYD, Sydney. 2009-12-162008-11-154434
EUCCRIL 211 Charles Whitehead: LEADING WITH VISION. Warsaw sept 2007 2009-12-012008-08-23841
EUCCRIL 122The main activity of the European sub-committee of ICCRS in the year 2004 was to organise the meeting of national representatives in Prague, 9th-12th September. The progress of Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) on the European level was visible in severa2017-07-052017-07-051545
EUCCRIL 121Who is Christof Hemberger, the new young member of the European sub-committee of ICCRS?2017-07-052017-07-051556