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[Speech of Pope Francis to the Charismatic Renewal at the Olympic stadium, Rome June 1st, 2014 ]

[Report from European Reconciliation Conference, Budapest 11-14 sept 2014]


The European sub-committee of ICCRS. From left to right standing: Ged Farrell from Scotland, chair Christof Hemberger from Germany, advisor Charles Whithehead from England, fr. Wojciech Nowacki from Poland, Eva Sido from Rumania/Hungary, Jude Muscat from Malta, ICCRS-directorOreste Pesare from Italy.
Down: vice-chair 
Katerina Lachmanova from Czech Republic, secretary Kees Slijkerman from the Nederland, Laszlo Gorove from Hungary. International ICCRS-president  Michelle Moran is missing but she is also a member.

The European subcommittee of ICCRS invites you for an open European conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

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Find all information on speakers, special guests, finances and more in this flyer:

[Additional ICCRS 24-hours pilgrimage to Czestochowa]
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 1 - 4 October 2015 in Poland:

Conference of Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Europe, organized by the European sub-committee of ICCRS. Read more... Registration form



Charles Whitehead: What do we mean by "Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

Suggested Guidelines for a National Service Committee